Torrington Common

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Today I met up with Mike Collingham, Chair of the Committee of Conservators for the Torrington Commons and as I also discovered a fellow ‘Keighleyite’. Together we identified the best place for the sculpture that will join the line up from the Summerhouse at Rosemoor to Palmer House in Torrington. We had to take into account the sensitivity of the land itself as well as think about the sculptures impact on its surroundings.

I am really pleased that this part of the project can go ahead, the inital idea in my head has now changed from what was a long linear work to something that from Rosemoor will now create a kind of full stop, I think that from the Common itself the work will now be altogether more interesting.

Here’s a photo of the actual ‘steepish’ site under a large ash tree.


Teachers Workshop

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This short film documents a teachers workshop held at the end of April in Torrington. The aim was to run through how the teachers might work with their students on the 1200 stakes needed for the sculptures.

To download a PDF of the teachers worksheet click here

Pink and Blue Trees

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Priming Stakes

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400 timber stakes get primed on the drive between showers!

Orange Rain

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Sticks, Stakes or Pegs?

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Things are now getting slightly tense as I’ve realised the enormity of the stick task!

Collected 1200 sawn stakes, or pegs as Brookridge Timber call them! I then had the task of priming them and getting half of them up to Torrington on Good Friday for the first family workshop.

Slayer of Winter

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William Morris said of March:

‘Slayer of the winter, art thou here again? O welcome, thou that bring’st the summer nigh! The bitter wind makes not the victory vain. Nor will we mock thee for thy faint blue sky.’

Hopefully the winter will be slayed soon as it seems to be going on for ever!!!

In the Studio

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As well as working in my normal studio which is 10 miles from where I live I have decided to create another temporary studio in a shed at home so that I can make a series of smaller square works on canvas – it also means my kids can join me and make some work as well! Here are four I’ve been working on recently – not sure if they are resolved yet?

Rosemoor in February

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Originally uploaded by timmartinart

Painting in progress

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Poor image of a new 12″x12″ studio painting, unclear whether this is finished at this moment in time.

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