Through the Garden

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Image: Jim Wileman

‘Through the Garden’ is now over. Feedback has been good, with really good visitor numbers, especially for my walks and talks. I am now hoping that the ideas generated will materialise in the form of another project.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the project for their commitment.


Exhibitions up and running

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Image: Jim Wileman

It’s a good feeling when shows are up and running. We had a good private view last Friday and since have had good publicity including the BBC – click here to see.  On Saturday I am giving a guided walk and talk of the sculptures at Rosemoor – the event is now sold out.

More soon!

The Finished Sculptures

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To compliment ‘Meadow Field’, I’ve made two more sculptures at Rosemoor and one on Torrington Common – Today, with lot’s of support, I finished installing the final one! Above you can see ‘Morris Field’, a circular work that from one hilltop viewpoint transforms into a Morris floral design. The other work links the Gazebo at Rosemoor back to Torrington by two sculptures. The first a linear work, ‘From Torrington’, drawing a line towards Palmer House (where the Gazebo originally came from) and the second ‘Hidden Field’, a circular work on the Common continuing the ‘crow flying’ journey to Torrington.

Final School Workshop

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The final school workshop at Hemyock Primary School where all the children contributed to the  ‘Morris Field’ work by using Morris & Co paints in four limited colours.

Invites to Exhibition

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Please click here to download a 4 page PDF invite for the exhibitions. Private View for the paintings exhibition is on 2nd July, 7-9pm at The Plough Arts Centre.

Meadow Field

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Meadow Sticks Installed

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On wednesday the 410 Morris sticks were installed in the meadowed area. We tried to do as little damage as possible to the grasses. By the start of the exhibition it is hoped the grasses will be as high as the sticks. Judging by the feedback from the passing public the sculptures are going to be well received. Thanks to Pippa and Mich for their help!

Finishing the Meadow Sticks

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Having decided to search for a complimentary colour for the meadow grasses the ‘stakes’ were finished off with a violet colour on one side and packed ready to be installed at Rosemoor this Wednesday. This should give the meadow grasses plenty of time to reestablish themselves before July.

Stakes, Paints and Words

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For the last few days I have been busy working on several elements to the project. I’ve written an article for the William Morris Society newsletter – you can read it by clicking here. I’ve also finished a couple more larger paintings

Tomorrow I’m back at Rosemoor to talk to the gardeners about a timetable for installing the ‘stake’ works. The first stage will be to put in the ‘meadowed’ work before the grasses grow too long!

Marland School working on the stakes

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